Do you have ugly paintbrushes?

We have a LOT of paintbrushes here at the store. They get used on a daily basis and occasionally by a few different hands on the same day which means they start to breakdown pretty fast. We believe that our customers deserve top notch products so we replace our brushes regularly but, at home you don’t necessarily want to do that. Brushes can be expensive and if you do use them often enough they start to breakdown quickly especially the wooden ones.

Easy fix… Duct Tape. We all love Duct Tape check out some of our past posts here, here and here.
This is a 5 minute fix to make your brushes just like new and you get to customize them however you like.


Take a roll of your favorite duct tape and pull out enough to cover your brush. Wrap it around the paintbrush but make sure that you keep it taught when you are putting it on. The good thing about duct tape is that it is pretty much water proof. Just make sure that you don’t submerge it in water.


and you now have brand new paintbrushes that are actually easier to grip.


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