Martha Stewart Creamer

Martha Stewart makes wonderful things and her paint is no exception. You can use on absolutely any surface. She also sells silkscreen stencils that are very easy to work with.


Lace inspired Martha Stewart Silkscreen Stencil
Martha Stewart paint

We picked up a creamer from the dollar store to use as our base for the project.

I started out by washing and scrubbing the creamer to make sure that the paint would stick properly.
I used the Martha Stewart lace flower silkscreen stencil. I cut off the part that I wanted to use and stuck it onto the side of the creamer.

Put some paint on the pouncer and dabbed it right onto the top of the silkscreen


Immediately remove the silkscreen and wash it so it cleans up nice and then use a toothpick to clean up the edges of your stencil while it is still wet if need be.

I continued around doing two of each of the flowers that came with the silkscreen set. Then all you have to do is find a place to put it so everyone will ask you where you got it! You can proudly say that you made it yourself.

Finished Creamer Craftme


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