Beautiful Paper Rosette – Weekly Challenge

We all love inexpensive ways to decorate. Spring is coming, yes we just got a nor’easter but that aside, all the flowers will be popping up.
This weeks challenge is a lot of fun and super easy. You most likely have all the materials at home but can always stop into the store and get some pretty paper and glue dots!

Start off with four pieces of coordinated paper. I used 6×6 for this but if you want a nice big rosette use 12×12.


Fold each paper accordion style.


Take each paper and fold it in half.  You then want to apply some glue dots to the side of each paper. The last one will have glue on each side



Lay all your pieces out so you know which edges you are attaching and stick them all together


Once completed add a little flower, button etc… to the middle for a touch more embelishment


We have a few of these hanging up in the store. Would you like to see them? Stop in and see if you can find where they are!


We have something exciting… the first 10 people to come into Come Craft With Me with one of the challenges completed will be entered into a giveaway to win a $10.00 gift card!

*Contest ends 3/31/2013


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