Duct Tape Ring – Weekly Challenge

Last week for our challenge we created a Duct Tape Rose Pen. I am going to continue the trend this week and show you how to create a ring.

The supplies you need are :
Duct Tape

Start off with your plain ring


Then follow the steps (if you need bigger pictures refer to last weeks post)


Step 1 & 2: Take a quarter inch width sized piece of duct tape (you will need three) and wrap it around the top part of your ring
Step 3 & 4: Take a second piece of tape and stick it under your ring, join the pieces at the top and twist
Step 5: Take your third piece and wrap it around the top of the ring. This will give you a nice base to attach your petals too.
To create your credits you take a long piece of duct tape and cut it (or rip) right in half long-ways. This will give you an inch width. Cut it into inch squares and continue
Step 6: Fold your top two corners of each piece to form a triangle.
Step 7: Attach your first triangle to your base
Step 8: Wrap the tape right around the base to form your first Petal

It will take roughly 40-50 Petals to make your flower seem full

A good tip is to create all of your petals first so you don’t have to keep stopping. Make sure you stagger the placement of the petals so that your rose isn’t lopsided.

This is what you will end up with once its completed (I realize that the tape is different… but work with me 🙂 )

top ring

If you want to make it a bit prettier you can add some more tape around the base of the ring once all is complete

side ring


We have something exciting… the first 10 people to come into Come Craft With Me with one of the challenges completed will be entered into a giveaway to win a $10.00 gift card!

*Contest ends 3/31/2013


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