Weekly Challenge # 4 – Duct Tape Rose Pen

This is one of my our favorite projects at the store. The kids and adults all love it.


Duct Tape (We have a ton at the store!)



Start off by marking where your cap stops on your pen. This will ensure that the cap will still be able to be put on the pen when its completed. You will then cover the entire pen with your Duct Tape.



Once your pen is covered its time to begin making your petals. It takes roughly 30 to make the one I did. If you want it to be a bit fuller you can keep making more.

Cut a piece of tape into about a 2″ square and turn it into a sort of triangle (instructions in picture below)



Then attach your first petal to the pen and continue alternating so your rose isn’t uneven.


To make it look a bit cute I added some nail polish to the outside tips of the petals


This is what the actual pen looks like when completed


Really cute right!!?? Go ahead and get started.

We have something exciting… the first 10 people to come into Come Craft With Me with one of the challenges completed will be entered into a giveaway to win a $10.00 gift card!

*Contest ends 3/31/2013


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