Tin Can Heart Votive Holder – Weekly Craft

Candles smell good, make us relaxed and provide a sweet ambiance in any room. At Come Craft With Me we always have a candle lit and that was part of the inspiration behind this weeks craft….

To keep in theme with Valentine’s Day we created a Tin Can Heart Votive holder. We used the same heart from our first weekly craftΒ  so it will match if you have both displayed πŸ™‚

Tin can
Heart template

Start out with your can, any will do but it is easier to work on a soup can or bigger. Peel the label off and fill the can with water. You need to freeze it so that when you use your awl it won’t bend the can.


Take your template and trace it onto your can with a sharpie



This is where things get a little harder. You will need to use your awl and hammer to punch holes in the tin can. Your best bet is go to between the grooves. Punch the hole just enough for the awl to go through the can. Once you have finished you want to defrost your can.


Now onto paint… it will take a few coats to get the desired look. If the paint gets into the holes just use a toothpick to clean it out.


Place a votive candle into the can and turn off all the lights. It is beautiful when its all lit up πŸ™‚


Have an idea for a weekly craft? Please let us know your ideas on our fb page!


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