Weekly Craft #2 – Chalkboard Coaster Clipboards

Welcome to our 2nd Craft Challenge! This week we are going to be doing Chalkboard Coaster Clipboards.
These have been all over Pinterest but usually just have scrapbook paper backing. We decided to elevate this and make one side a chalkboard. The supplies will be available  at Come Craft With Me in a kit so you can either join us to put it together or take it home and complete it.

Grab a paint brush, a piece of scrapbook paper, chalkboard paint and a foam brush.


Start by painting one side of the coaster. It will take at least three coats to get it to look the way you want it too. The picture below is after one coat.


Trace your coaster onto your paper once the paint it dry. Then mod podge it and use small scissors or an exacto knife to cut around the edges.


Then add a small binder clip to the top and you have a chalkboard clipboard



** make sure that you rub chalk all over your chalkboard side and clean it off with a paper towel before writing on it. The chalk adheres better.

***If you do this craft challenge at home please send us pictures to Comecraftwithme@gmail.com so we can include your picture in out monthly craft roundup!


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