Our First Weekly Craft – Duct Tape Heart

Here at Come Craft with Me we are starting something very exciting. We will be doing a tutorial on a fun craft every week!

This week will be a Duct Tape Heart tutorial

Supplies you will need :

2 Duct Tape sheets per heart (or just a roll of Duct Tape)
bag of Poly-Fil **

A contrasting color of Duct Tape for the pocket
A Cricut

If you don’t have a Cricut then you will have to make a heart template out of paper/cardboard and use it to trace a heart on the sheet and cut it out. Then skip to step #3


1. Put your Duct Tape sheet onto your cricut sticky sheet and load it into the cricut

2. The cartridge that comes with your cricut (any model) will have a heart in it. You want to do the main heart at 6.50 for sizing. (If you have the smaller cricut with the half sheet then do a 4 or 3.50). Once you do the first heart you need to reverse the image so they will match up perfectly when taping them.


3.Once the hearts are cut out put them back to back and line them up perfectly. Notice that I left the backing on the duct tape sheet. Don’t take it off, this will leave it so the hearts wont stick together and give them a bit more stability.

back to back

4. Cut a stripe off your duct tape sheet about an inch wide and the length of the sheet, we will be using these as the tape to put the heart together

strip of tape

5. Cut strips of tape about a quarter of an inch (the ones in the picture are a bit bigger so you can see them better)

quarter strips

6. Take the strips and wrap them around the heart in order to keep it together. Start at the top of the heart so when it gets filled it will stay together better. If you look at the picture above you are going to put the strips on just as pictured. Put one end onto one side of the heart and wrap tightly around the other. (I apologize for my bad nail polish)


7. Make sure to leave a hole at the bottom in order to fill it with your Poly-Fil.


8. Cut up strips of Poly-fil. Depending on the size of the hole you leave will determine how big the strips have to be so use your judgement.


9. Fill the heart until it is stuffed but leave a little room at the bottom so you can close it. Then use the last few strips of tape to close it all up.


We decided to make a cute little pocket for the front so you could leave a love note to someone of your choosing 🙂

10. Take your contrasting color (or the same color if you choose) and cut a little strip.


11. leave the backing on just the middle of the strip, by leaving just the edges sticky this will make a pocket without any hard work. (You can thank us later!)
Stick the pocket on your heart and add a cute little note.



There you have it! Our first Weekly Craft. We will have a supply kit ready for sale at the store if you would like to come in and purchase it, but we would love you to come in and join us for an hour or two and make your heart with us. We would love to take your picture once its completed and add it to a post!

Please follow our blog to ensure that you don’t miss any posts from us! If you have any suggestions for a weekly craft send us a message or stop in and let us know.

** not sure what Poly-Fil is… here is a picture so its easy for you to find in a craft store



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