A closer look into our world

If you check out our “About me” page you will see some picture of our beautiful shop. We always urge you to stop in and meet us. Either Trish or Beth will be there to greet you with a smile and answer any questions you have or simply show you around, but until then here is a closer look at some of the exciting things we offer and crafts that we do.

We have changed the shop around a bit and now have a table in the front of the store. It will feature our “Craft of the week” starting next week. Even if there is a party going on we encourage you to stop in and either work on the craft or pick up the supplies you need so you can work on it at home. We will have a tutorial on the blog every week to help you along the way!


One of my favorite places in the shop is our window seat. It just looks so cozy and inviting. Feel free to take a seat and check it out


Isn’t this bunting so cute?


When you first walk in you are greeted by our decopatch animals including our giant elephant. Pick an animal, a few pieces of paper and get to work making a one of a kind creation



Some of our mosaic masterpieces…interested? We teach classes to show you how easy it really is!

We have a collection of canvas art that were completed in the shop as well. These are some of my favorite pieces. We would love you to come in and create one. It’s refreshing to share ideas with other people and it always helps when you have someone there to bounce them off of.

flowercanvas        flowervasecanvas

I hope you enjoyed a look into our world. If you have any suggestions on classes or parties please let us know. We are always open to your ideas and welcome your comments!


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