Our Grand Opening Celebration!

We did it!!! The Grand Opening of Come Craft With Me was a huge success!! Even the Mayor of Monroe came to help me cut the ribbon!


Mo worked so hard on the shop all summer. He gave up every weekend and most evenings. How lucky am I??


Yippee!! Thanks for the dress Cheryl!! It was perfect! Somehow in this process I lost the ability to dress myself. My brain doesn’t have much room for anything else except crafts!!


Our first customers! Thank you Tony!!


Jayden, Meghan, and the rest of the kids got their faces painted by Terri Paris. She is really talented!!


Cameryn and all the kids decorated Fifi. She looks awesome. All the kids had a blast making her look perty!!


Janine,Ray, and Sienna came all the way from Long Island. How sweet is that. Love them!


Cameryn had fun with all the kids!


This wasn’t at the Grand Opening but it would be a shame if this picture wasn’t posted somewhere!! Very nice Pete!


I had so much fun!! Thank you to everyone that came out to support us. Especially Mo’s family, his mom Bobbie, his sister Janine, brother in law Ray, niece Sienna, and his brother Pat. They came all the way from Long Island. It was great to see you guys! xoxo



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